Communication for Development (C4D)


Communication programs are developed using evidence from research, not assumptions. Evidence is used throughout the communication process - from design to measuring results.

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Communication programs rely on participation of those who are affected by the issues. Their perspectives take priority in the development of any communciation strategy.

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C4D programs strive to increase awareness and understanding of people's own rights so that they are able to make their own choices about what is best for them and their communities.

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I lead research projects and fieldwork, both qualitative and quantitative. I also facilitate participatory processes in the field.

Design Communication Strategies

I design strategic communication programs from start to finish, with a focus on theoretically supported C4D and SBCC programs.

Facilitate Workshops

I have many years of experience facililtating a variety of workshop types, including capacity building in C4D, SBCC, M & E and research.

Data Analysis

I conduct data analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, using SPSS, Stata, and Atlas.ti.

ICTs and C4D

I am comfortable implementing C4D programs based on the use of ICTs, such as interactive SMS systems, the use of social media in C4D, and other technological applications in C4D programs.

Reports and Writing

I produce useful, relevant reports and other written materials in English.

Monitor and Evaluate

I produce effective, theoretically driven frameworks for monitoring and evaluating C4D and SBCC programs.

Build and Implement

I build and implement C4D and SBCC programs, from start to finish.